July birthdays

Drew the ones that were created in July.

Amy Fox from Alpha and Husky Tales was made in July 13, 2013. You can find it here-https://www.deviantart.com/niaarts459

Flareshine was made in July 14, 2013.

And Queen Pearl from https://elementsofthesixkingdoms.wordpress.com/ was made in July 20, 2014.

art and characters(c) @creativenia15



June Birthdays

Happy Birthday my villains Stone, Dana, and Cole.

Stone and Dana from my comic Alpha and Husky Tales were made in June 22, 2017.

Cole was made in June 23, 2012.

You can read my comic at my DA page-https://www.deviantart.com/niaarts459

art and characters(c) @creativenia15

7 years on WordPress

So today is my 7th years Anniversary. I remember signing up in WordPress in 2012 when I heard about from my mom. I wanted make a blog story. In June 17, 2012 I created this, the first blog I’ve made in wordpress. In September 2012, I wanted to make another blog, but  a spin off the Water and Fire Kingdom. In September 2012, I created  https://elementsofthesixkingdoms.wordpress.com/. Originally meant to be a back up blog, but I decided to not to do that. As the years go by,I began writing stories, posting a lot art and illustrations. Eventually I starting posting less and less and being less active. Even though I try to become more active I ended up being less active. I began posting stuff outside of wordpress. In 2019, I created a new site called https://niaangladeart.wordpress.com/  I’m gonna try post more than just two a month. I’m also gonna created more stories as I haven’t written anything in a long time.

Thanks for those who stick around all these years. Liking my stories and supporting me. I know I say this a lot of I’m happy that some people actually like my work.

New art site

I just made a new art site ya’ll come check it out if you want to-https://niaangladeart.wordpress.com/

I don’t use my art blog anymore, it is official dead.

The old Wendy returns

Decided to draw Wendy in her old design because I miss it, but did some slight changes.

Wendy and art(c) @creativenia15

Buck and Luther

Here’s a drawing of Buck and Luther I did a couple months ago.

art and characters (c) @creativenia15

Flash 2019

Give Flash a new upgrade so he can look like an actual fennec fox. Gonna try to post more on here instead of just two a month.

art and character(c) @creativenia15