Speed draw- Mayla and Waterblaze

Speed drawing video of Waterblaze and Mayla from my comic Princess Mayla. You can find it here-https://www.deviantart.com/niaarts459 and here-https://www.instagram.com/creativenia/

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art and characters(c) @creativenia15



February and Cole

Decided to a drawing of Cole and February. You can tell that February is into Cole.

Who’s favorite pairing?

I know post this poll already in a long time ago, but I want to post it again.

Water and Fire Kingdom 4th Birthday (old video)

Gonna post all my WAFK videos in the home page. All video will be posted in the home page for now on.

Noted: This video is old, this was made in 2017.


Buck and Waterfire girl Chapter 7- The trial

Buck then went to the royal dungeon. “Here it is now to get Waterblaze”, he said as he tip toe to the dungeon.

Suddenly a guard spotted him. “Hey what are you doing?”, he asked. Buck started to get nervous. “Well uh…you see..”. “Hey Joey! they’re ready for the family”, said the other guard. “Okay..move out the way dog”.

Buck moved away from the dungeon and hid in the bushes. He then saw Waterblaze and her family being escorted them out of the dungeon. They’re face were dirty and their feet were chained. “Its Waterblaze and that’s must be family”, he said. He follow them to the royal court.

Waterblaze and her family were sent to court in front of all the queen and kings. Everyone was watching them, Buck was there as well. “What you do think they’ll do with them?”, Luther asked. “I don’t know we’ll have to wait and see”, said Henry.

“Watersprout…Blade, you have broken the rules having mix children”, said King Heat. “As Queen Sammy and King James state in Rule 28, no animals can’t have romantic relationship nor make a child with another animal from a different kingdom. So you have to say for yourself”. “I say this is ridiculous”, said Blade. “Why do we have only have romantic partners with someone in the same kingdom, why can’t it be someone different. Must we only have to fall for love with the elemental power”.

“Its a part of the kingdom’s law and you have to obey them”, said King Skyler. “Well I said screw the law, who care if tow animals from different kingdom love each other it doesn’t matter”, said Waterblaze.  “It is the kingdom’s law young female”, said Queen River. “Well I say your laws are stupid”, Waterblaze replied.

Everyone was shocked. “Oh no she didn’t”, said Sliver giggling. “Welp they’re dead”, said Fang.

“How dare you say that!”, King Heat said angrily. “Guards punish them!”.

All the guards gathered around the family. “No!”, Buck yelled. He quickly ran in front of the Waterblaze’s family. “Buck”, Waterblaze said. “You can’t punish them”, said Buck. “Now Buck you maybe new here, but rules are rules”, said King Heat. “Guards remove him”. The guards began coming in closer and closer. “No I don’t wanna die”, cried Wildfire.

Suddenly smoke began to appear out of nowhere. “What the heck where did this smoke came from?”, said Queen River. Everyone began coughing.

When no one was looking, Waterblaze saw Scratch coming out of nowhere. “Come with me if you want to live”, he said holding out his paw”. Waterblaze  agrees and hold his paw. Scratch uses his power to take Waterblaze, Buck, and her family somewhere else.

King Skyler uses his air power to remove the smoke. Buck, Waterblaze and her family were gone.  “Where did they go?”, Queen Snowy asked. “Find them at once”, said King Heat. The guard began looking for the family.


Speeddraw-Cole and Spotty

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2012 Waterblaze vs 2018 Waterblaze

Decided to redraw the very first drawing of Waterblaze back then Sept. 10, 2012 where she was first made. I know that old one look very cringed, but you can tell that I’ve improve over the years. I remember when I first created her, I made as one of the main characters of this blog. In 2013 I made her own story called “Waterblaze and the Simildon”. In 2017 I realize I didn’t explain how she and Buck met, so I decided to make another story “Buck and the watergirl” which talks about Buck discovering Waterblaze and currently in the works.

Waterblaze and art (c) @creativenia15

Buck and Waterfire girl Chapter 6-Into the dungeon

Waterblaze and her family were sent to the dungeon. “What are they gonna do with us dad?”, Waterblaze asked. “I don’t know Waterblaze”, Blade replied. “Are they gonna kill us?”, Wildfire asked in fear. “What!?..no of course not sweetie, they’re not going kill us”, Watersprout said holding her.

“Serve you right for betraying the water kingdom”, said Bluefang. “I never betray the kingdom, I left because I love Blade”, Watersprout replied.  “Well now you have to pay the consequences of your actions”, said Bluefang. “As for someone like you, I expected more”.

Later on the about Waterblaze and her family began to spread in every kingdom. Everyone was talking about it.

“Hey Luther did you heard”, said Henry running towards him. “Heard what?”, Luther asked. “There’s a female dog named Waterblaze who has both water and fire powers”, said Henry. “Say what?!”, Luther said in shock. “Yeah she’s also the daughter of Watersprout and Blade, they found them in Gray Mountain Valley and sent them and their kids to the dungeon”, said Silver. “Watersprout…I think I’ve of her”, Luther replied.

“She was a friend of my father Bluefang, he liked her until she fall in love someone else and eventually they stop talking to each other”, Fang explained. “Though I never knew its was someone from the fire kingdom”.

“But what are they gonna do to them?”, Luther asked. “No on knows really we’ll have to find out when they take them to court”, Henry replied.

While Luther and his friends were talking, Scratch was behind a wall listening to their conversation horrified.

“No one they caught her, I told her to leave before they get her”, he said. “I have to get them out of there before its too late”.

“Hey Scratch, what are you doing?”, Silver asked smiling at him . Silver scared Scratch. “Uh…nothing I gonna go, see ya”, he said and quickly took off. “I wonder what got him in a hurry”, said Henry. “Beats me, but he’s so hot”, Silver replied while blushing.

A week later, Buck returning from visiting his family. “Hey guys I’m back”, he says to Shy and Nessa. “Welcome back Buck”, said Shy. Nessa quickly pushing her out of the way. “Welcome back Buck, how was visiting your folks”, she said touching his shoulder. “Uh..fine”, he replied moving her paw away from him. “So did you heard about this girl named Waterblaze, oh wait you weren’t here”, she said. “Waterblaze?”, he replied. “What about her?”. “She’s a female who with both water and fire powers, and is she and her family were sent to the dungeon for breaking the rules of being partners with someone from another kingdom”, Nessa explained.

“Oh on that’s terrible they can’t put there she won’t last, I have to get her here out of there”, said Buck and started walking to the dungeon. “Why do you care?”, Nessa asked. “Because she’s my friend”, Buck replied.

Nessa and Shy were shocked and started looking at each other. “Did he just say that was his friend”, said Nessa. “I think he knows her, Shy replied.

Buck continued walking toward the dungeon. “Don’t worry Waterblaze, I’ll get you out”, he said. “Someway or another I will get you and your family out.